about us

Bark House San Diego is the place your dog will love to play, socialize, and sleep. We believe the best environment for pups is a balance of structure and playtime. Every dog that visits The Bark House gets the personal attention they need and deserve.

Services include  daily pack walks with free pick up and drop off at the location of the owner’s choice.

Rather than leaving your dog alone at home while you’re at work, join the Bark House pack where your best fur friend can enjoy company and some of that beautiful San Diego weather.

This is NOT a house where we simply allow the dogs to have full freedom without any rules or boundaries and have them interact without any knowledge of proper canine behavior and respect.

This is also NOT a warehouse-style facility where dogs are merely thrown together in a “cageless” environment to fend for themselves. We are comfortable with all breeds, sizes, and dispositions – from overly needy, loving dogs to red-zone aggressive canines, we know how to properly care for YOUR uniquely special dog.

We live, eat, and sleep dogs here at The Bark House, and your canine’s care here will be second best to NONE. We are passionate for what we do and take immense pride in our work.

The Bark House is a licensed and insured business and we strive to provide the best possible service in all of San Diego